• Unsupervised RNA-Seq-based genome annotation
Version Compilateur Interconnexion chemin d'accès OS
2.0.3 N/A N/A /applis/PSMN/generic/BRAKER/2.0.3/bin Generic
modulefile : BRAKER/2.0.3

Pour utiliser les modules, consulter Environment Modules

Usage on PSMN

Braker needs additionals PERL modules installable from CPAN (see Perl5 for CPAN installation/configuration ):

> install File::Spec::Functions
> install Hash::Merge
> install List::Util
> install Logger::Simple
> install Module::Load::Conditional
> install Sub::Uplevel
> install Parallel::ForkManager
> install Scalar::Util::Numeric
#> install YAML (core module)
#> install POSIX (core module)

See also Augustus for additional configuration of –AUGUSTUS_CONFIG_PATH variable.

General usage

AUGUSTUS and GeneMark-ET are required for BRAKER.

Site officiel

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