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  • Chromosome organization & dynamics: 

    The chromosome architecture inside cell nuclei plays important roles in regulating cell functions. There are now proliferations of experimental studies which report the hierarchical organization of chromosomes and how this non-random folding plays a role in gene regulation. However, the mechanistic principles that drives such higher-order organization are not fully understood. In close collaboration with experimental biologists, we are developing quantitative polymer models in various organisms to better understand the coupling between 3D chromosome organization and dynamics and biological functions.

  • Epigenetic (de)regulation & Health:

    Accessibility of transcription factors to promoter is controlled by biochemical modifications of DNA or histone tails which modulate gene expression without alteration of the genetic information. Propagation, maintenance and inheritance of these epigenetic marks are crucial mechanisms in development, cellular homeostasis and disease. With molecular biologists and clinicians, we are developing computational methods and mechanistic models to better characterize epigenetic regulation in normal or cancerous cells and the coupling with metabolism.