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Bio-inspired design of Metal-based catalysts

L. Bonneviot, B. Albela

This concerns the bio-inspired design of heterogeneous catalysts using template silica nanopores for confinement and metal grafted complexes as redox center. We work on vanadium that presents interesting properties for alkane oxidation and addressing the problem of metal leaching. The oxidant agent is either an organic peroxides or H2O2.

Metalloprotein bio-model

Surface molecular engineering of metal ion catalytic site using metalloprotein as structural and reactivity bio-models.

Another direction concerns the use of O2 as oxidant that is much cheaper than H2O2.

A third theme, concerns the use of CO2 as reactant in the carbonatation of mono and poly alcohols for green biodiesel applications. This is a collaboration with ECNU in Shanghai, China (Pr.He, Wu, Zhang and Lu).