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Mechanism in Metal-based redox catalysts

L. Bonneviot, B. Albela, P. Sautet, C. Michel

This activity has been extending this last year with general metal-based redox catalysis where mechanistic questions and search for improvement and heterogeneisation is at stake. Our expertise comes from spectroscopic in situ characterization of the reaction media using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance combined with UV-visible spectroscopy. Other developments deals with oxidation of alkane on metal based catalysts where metal oxo bonds are most likely at stake. Theoretical backup will be developed (collaboration of P. Sautet with Xu Xin of Fudan University). This project is a collaboration with M. Lemaire (UCBL) and A. Fabre-Reiguillon (CPE) on the mechanism of phosphine oxide and with ECNU in Shanghai, China and UMI CNRS-Solvay E2P2.