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The coming seminars (internal & external)
Date Speaker Title Location Contact
May 24, 2024 Agnès BANRETI - Institut de Biologie Valrose (IBV) Nice Biological roles of proteome homochirality maintenance and the underlying mechanisms Salle des Thèses, Equipe Auboeuf Bourgeois
May 28, 2024 Mithun Mitra - IIT Bombay Protein search on chromatin backbones: Coupling structure and function room MGN1-107, former R117, D. Jost
May 31, 2024 Corinne ALBIGES-RIZO, IAB Grenoble Partitioning of adhesive receptors to govern cell migratory strategies Salle des thèses
Jun 07, 2024 Masters 2 Salle des thèses
Jun 14, 2024 Angela Taddei (Institut Curie) Salle des thèses
Jun 21, 2024 Florian Stengel (University of Konstanz, mass spectrometry, stuctural and systems biology) and Jan Erzberger (UT southwestern Texas, CryoEM of Ribosome biogenesis Salle des Thèses, Equipe Pellarin Martin
Jun 28, 2024 * Equipe Jost, Salle des thèses
Jul 05, 2024 Nicolas Schmitz, RSSI - ENS Lyon Cybersécurité Salle des thèses
Oct 25, 2024 Professor Zhuohua Zhang, Institute of Molecular Precision Medicine, Changsha