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The coming seminars (internal & external)
Date Speaker Title Location Contact
Jun 21, 2024 Florian Stengel - University of Konstanz & Jan Erzberger - University of Texas Southwestern) Prof. Florian Stengel, University of Konstanz, "Studying proteome organization and cellular compartmentalization: from proteins to functional compartments" Prof. Jan Erzberger, University of Texas Southwestern "Exploring rRNA Remodeling Mechanisms: The Role of DEAD-box ATPases in Ribosome Assembly" Salle des Thèses, Equipe Pellarin Martin
Jun 25, 2024 Modesto OROZCO, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Institute for Research in Biomedicine / University of Barcelona Pushing the limits of multiscale chromatin simulation Salle des Thèses, Equipe Pellarin Martin
Jun 28, 2024 Jean Michel ARBONA Kinetic modelling of replication, neural network use case in replication studies, and explainability Equipe Jost, Salle des thèses
Jul 05, 2024 Nicolas Schmitz, RSSI - ENS Lyon Cybersécurité Salle des thèses
Oct 25, 2024 Professor Zhuohua Zhang, Institute of Molecular Precision Medicine, Changsha