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There are 57 references in this bibliography folder.

Mollereau, B, Hayflick, SJ, Escalante, R, Mauthe, M, Papandreou, A, Iuso, A, Celle, M, Aniorte, S, Issa, AR, Lasserre, JP, Lesca, G, Thobois, S, Burger, P, and Walter, L (2023).
A burning question from the first international BPAN symposium: is restoration of autophagy a promising therapeutic strategy for BPAN?

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Chronic Exposure to Paraquat Induces Alpha-Synuclein Pathogenic Modifications in Drosophila.
Int J Mol Sci, 22(21).

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Spen modulates lipid droplet content in adult Drosophila glial cells and protects against paraquat toxicity.
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TCTP and CSN4 control cell cycle progression and development by regulating CULLIN1 neddylation in plants and animals.
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Cooling-Induced ER Stress is Good for Your Brain.
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