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Keeping Cell Death Alive: An Introduction into the French Cell Death Research Network.

Gabriel Ichim, Benjamin Gibert, Sahil Adriouch, Catherine Brenner, Nathalie Davoust, Solange Desagher, David Devos, Svetlana Dokudovskaya, Laurence Dubrez, Jérôme Estaquier, Germain Gillet, Isabelle Guénal, Philippe P Juin, Guido Kroemer, Patrick Legembre, Romain Levayer, Stéphen Manon, Patrick Mehlen, Olivier Meurette, Olivier Micheau, Bernard Mignotte, Florence Nguyen-Khac, Nikolay Popgeorgiev, Jean-Luc Poyet, Muriel Priault, Jean-Ehrland Ricci, Franck B Riquet, Santos A Susin, Magali Suzanne, Pierre Vacher, Ludivine Walter, and Bertrand Mollereau (2022)

Biomolecules, 12(7).

Since the Nobel Prize award more than twenty years ago for discovering the coreapoptotic pathway in C. elegans, apoptosis and various other forms of regulatedcell death have been thoroughly characterized by researchers around the world.Although many aspects of regulated cell death still remain to be elucidated inspecific cell subtypes and disease conditions, many predicted that research intocell death was inexorably reaching a plateau. However, this was not the casesince the last decade saw a multitude of cell death modalities being described,while harnessing their therapeutic potential reached clinical use in certaincases. In line with keeping research into cell death alive, francophoneresearchers from several institutions in France and Belgium established theFrench Cell Death Research Network (FCDRN). The research conducted by FCDRN is atthe leading edge of emerging topics such as non-apoptotic functions of apoptoticeffectors, paracrine effects of cell death, novel canonical and non-canonicalmechanisms to induce apoptosis in cell death-resistant cancer cells or regulatedforms of necrosis and the associated immunogenic response. Collectively, thesevarious lines of research all emerged from the study of apoptosis and in the nextfew years will increase the mechanistic knowledge into regulated cell death andhow to harness it for therapy.

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