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There are 23 references in this bibliography folder.

Duveau, F, Cordier, C, Chiron, L, Le Bec, M, Pouzet, S, Seguin, J, Llamosi, A, Sorre, B, Di Meglio, JM, and Hersen, P (2024).
Yeast cell responses and survival during periodic osmotic stress are controlled by glucose availability
Elife, 12.

Duplus-Bottin, H, Spichty, M, Triqueneaux, G, Place, C, Mangeot, PE, Ohlmann, T, Vittoz, F, and Yvert, G (2021).
A single-chain and fast-responding light-inducible Cre recombinase as a novel optogenetic switch.
Elife, 10.

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Elife, 10.

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Cell-to-cell expression dispersion of B-cell surface proteins is linked to genetic variants in humans.
Commun Biol, 3(1):346.

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MyLabStocks: a web-application to manage molecular biology materials.
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'Particle genetics': treating every cell as unique.
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