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Study of Vélo’v data and transportation.

(LIRIS (INSA), LET (Lyon 2), CMW et EVS (ENS Lyon)). From 2008 on, we had access to data about uses of Lyon’s Vélo’v system of shared bicycles, the first large scale bike sharing system (BSS) of Europe, and studied the mobility with BSS. We first studied the rhythms of use and statistical model for that. This was combined with spatial analysis of the trips to draw pictures of their use in the city. The data show that bicycles compete with the car in terms of speed in downtown Lyon. The work goes on in a ANR project VEL’INNOV. Other works model part of the use of the system, or discuss the need for mapping tools to display the data. Relying on network theory, we exhibited the different rhythms of the stations. Finally, in a paper on spatial networks (such as transportation networks), it was shown that a spatial hierarchy can emerge in network as a large-scale consequence of local cost-benefit considerations.