Internship conventions (M2)

Unfortunately, everything is in French, so if you don’t understand how to proceed, please ask a fellow student to help, and if needed, please contact the internship responsible (Laurent Lefèvre for the M2 students).

M1 research internship, evaluation

[ this translation of the french version of this page is based on work by Raphaël Monat: merci beaucoup! ]

Get quickly in touch with D. Hirschkoff (or your tutor) if you have difficulties during your intenship.

A general remark: you should not suppose that people reading your report/attending your presentation are specialists of the field you worked on during your internship. This should not prevent you from providing technical details, but the latter should be explained. Do not focus on the technical material only. Experience shows that M1 students tend to give too much emphasis on the [Lire la suite…]