Who’s in charge?

Administrative desk: Amel Zagrarni

For all questions related to registration, admission, and any other administrative concerns, you may contact:

Amel Zagrarni

Head of the Computer Science Department at ENS Lyon

Damien Stehlé

Head of the computer science MASTER

Yves Robert

Head of the first year of the MASTER and co-Head of the department

Daniel Hirschkoff

Head of the Licence (undergraduate)

Eric Thierry

Head of the computer science track of the “agrégation de mathématiques”

Pascal Koiran

Internships contacts

International contact for the CS department

Natacha Portier

Doctoral studies

Frédéric Vivien
Tél : +33 (0)4 37 28 74 76
e-mail: frederic [point]vivien [a]

Permanent members of the department

The full team is here