M1 2018-2019

This page will eventually gather useful informations for students following the first year of Master in Computer Science at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

It will point to a description of the M1 year, and to the rules of the game.

Back to school.

A mandatory meeting is organised on sept. 10th, at 9h00, in a room still to be found. The organisation of the year, and several other relevant topics, will be discussed. The courses will start straight away after that.

Students who were at ENSL in L3 in 2017-2018 will do their administrative registration on friday, sept. 7th.

First semester.

Here is the typical schedule for the first semester. Nota: local modifications can occur along the semester.
Here is the schedule for the week 10-15 sept.

Data Bases and Data Mining

Gestion et Fouille de Données

Ce cours est offert au second semestre du M1.

Descriptif du cours :

  • Bases de données
    – langages relationnels (Algèbre, Calcul, Datalog, Thm d’équivalence)
    – théorie des dépendances (dépendances fonctionnelles) pour la conception.
  • Fouille de données
    – méthodes de découverte de motifs (itemsets, séquences, graphes, dépendances)
    – approches de classification automatique
  • Ouvertures
    – représentation condensée des motifs fréquents
    – dualisation sur des ordres partiels
    – liens avec le big data

Distributed Systems

Distributed Systems

Course offered in the second semester of M1.

Course contents:

  • Introduction
    – Distributed System Modelization
    – Communication Protocol
  • Classic Algorithms
    – Wave Algorithms
    – Transversal Algorithms
    – Leader Election
    – Mutual Exclusion
  • Fault Tolerance
    – Fault Tolerance introduction
    – Self-stabilization
  • Advanced Algorithms
    – k-clustering in distributed systems
    – Clock synchronization in distributed systems
  • Practical Sessions
    – Introduction to Erlang