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Information leaflet on the CS teaching department

The Computer Science curriculum of ENS de Lyon starts at third year of Bachelor’s degree (L3), the first two years of Bachelor’s degree being most often spent in classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles or in university. L3 courses are in french. The bachelor’s degree is followed by a Master’s degree that takes two years to complete (M1, M2): the first year aims at strengthening the Computer Science background, whereas the second year consists of research courses and a research internship. M1 and M2 courses are in english. The natural follow-up is a doctoral degree lasting three years, and then a career in academia, with a teaching-and-research or research-only position (universities, CNRS, INRIA), or in the industry, with an R&D position.

In this framework, the CS department of ENS de Lyon provides:

  • teachings within the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree (L3) of Université Claude Bernard – Lyon1;
  • the teachings of the two years (M1 and M2) of the Foundations of CS track of the CS Master’s degree of UCBL, INSA Lyon, École Centrale de Lyon and ENS de Lyon;
  • a preparation to the CS track of the mathematics agrégation.

The 3-year long “Foundations of CS” curriculum provided by ENS de Lyon benefits from more than 25 years of local academic expertise in computer science. One of the emblematic characteristics of this curriculum is that it is driven by and for research. More info on our academic programs.

The CS curriculum of ENS de Lyon provides outstanding work conditions: small classes (around 25 students), high-quality computer facilities, laptop loans, on-site library. The students can also benefit from the equipments of ENS de Lyon such as a languages center, a gymnasium, and, more generally, a large spectrum of associations.

We encourage International students to apply to our curricula. Stipends are proposed to International students, based on academic records (Bourses Ampère, Bourses MILYON). All the M1 and M2 courses are given in English as soon as an International student is present. More info on entering ENS de Lyon, and its CS department.

The Director of the CS Department

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