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Antonin Morillon — Regulatory non coding (nc)RNA and epigenetic in yeast

Orateur :

Antonin Morillon, Institut Curie, Paris

Quand :

Mercredi 3 mars à 11h

Où :

C023 (RDC LR6 côté Centre Blaise Pascal)

Title :

Regulatory non coding (nc)RNA and epigenetic in yeast

Abstract :

Noncoding (nc)RNAs produced within the S. cerevisiae genome can be divided into SUTs (Stable Unannotated Transcripts) and CUTs (Cryptic Unstable Transcripts), which mostly initiate from Nucleosome-Free Regions associated with the promoters of divergent mRNA transcripts. Recent data show the first examples in budding yeast of trans-acting regulatory ncRNA controlling transposon mobility and /PHO84/ gene expression. To generalize this observation, we used RNA-SEQ to identify an entire novel class of ncRNAs, containing mostly uncharacterized transcripts and encompassing some CUTs and SUTs. Interestingly, certain of those ncRNA show a regulatory potential that requires the Set1C/COMPASS methyltransferase complex, responsible of the H3K4me2/3 deposition, to repress gene expression. We speculate that our data support a model in which certain yeast promoters are controlled by cryptic or noncoding transcripts through chromatin modifications.

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