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Christophe Lavelle — Chromatin : the DNA manager (and vice versa)

Speaker :

Christophe Lavelle, Systems Epigenomics Group – IRI/IHES

When :

Wednesday 15 September at 11am

Where :

C023 (RDC LR6 côté Centre Blaise Pascal)

Tiltle :

Chromatin : the DNA manager (and vice versa)

Abstract :

Through dynamics changes in structure resulting from chemical modifications and mechanical constraints imposed by numerous factors in vivo, chromatin plays a critical role in the regulation of DNA metabolism processes, including repair, replication and transcription. Biophysical approaches such as molecular microscopy and singlemolecule micromanipulation have greatly improved our understanding of the way chromatin packages our genome and participates in the regulation of gene expression. During this seminar, I will discuss recent experiments that helped us to better characterize chromatin topology, structure and dynamics.

Some recent references

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