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FORK-seq: Single-Molecule Profiling of DNA Replication.

Magali Hennion, Bertrand Theulot, Jean-Michel Arbona, Benjamin Audit, and Olivier Hyrien (2022)

Methods Mol Biol, 2477:107-128.

Most genome replication mapping methods profile cell populations, maskingcell-to-cell heterogeneity. Here, we describe FORK-seq, a nanopore sequencingmethod to map replication of single DNA molecules at 200 nucleotide resolutionusing a nanopore current interpretation tool allowing the quantification of BrdUincorporation. Along pulse-chased replication intermediates from Saccharomycescerevisiae, we can orient replication tracks and reproduce population-basedreplication directionality profiles. Additionally, we can map individualinitiation and termination events. Thus, FORK-seq reveals the full extent ofcell-to-cell heterogeneity in DNA replication.

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