L3 - Admission for European students

Entering the Physics & Chemistry training programme during the L3 year is possible both through competitive examination (first and second competitive examinations of the ENS Lyon) and by application.

admission en L3


Students can access the L3 year of the Physics & Chemistry training programme two different ways:

  • Competitive entrance exam: by taking the entrance examination (first and second exams) for ENS Lyon.
  • Application : students having validated the L2 year of a licence degree at a French university (or equivalent level at a foreign university) and students from preparatory programmes can submit an application dossier. There is no interview included in the application procedure. The applicant's dossier is assessed by the selection committee that meets once a year at the beginning of July.


Both admission paths are possible in parallel, there is no need to censor oneself. All applications are studied without prejudice in order to make the training open to everyone.

There are two entrance exams for ENS Lyon: the "first examination" is for CPGE students, while the "second examination" is for students from the first university cycle.  Visit the entrance exam website.

Applications should be submitted online through the CADENS website: https://cadens.ens-lyon.fr/  before June 14th, 2024.

The final admission commitee will published the results on July 11th 2024

The start of the academic year and the programme calendar are provided on the L3 "Schedule" page.

Visit the institutionnal website for more information.