M2 Complex systems

This orientation provides interdisciplinary training in the analysis, processing, modeling and machine learning of complex data, systems and/or networks. It offers students a balance between their disciplinary grounding in the physical sciences and their openness to computer science, data processing (signal, image), machine learning and the study of complex systems.

The "Complex Systems" course programme for the Physics & Chemistry M2 offers:

An interdisciplinary approach to complex systems for students from the Physics & Chemistry, Biosciences, Mathematics and Fundamental Computer Science master's degree programmes. Consult the courses.

solid grounding within a variety of disciplines: students take M2-level UEs within their discipline and also carry out a laboratory research internship within their discipline.

significant openness to other disciplines, thanks to advanced lectures in computer science, machine learning, and data analysis as well as lectures on modelling within specific domains.

Transversal modules on the methodology or epistemology of modelling and on the tools for data analysis and processing.

Direct and Personal Contacts with research on Complex systems and complex networks, thanks to the IXXI (Complex System Institute in Rhône-Alpes) where the teachings are done. 

Students must validate UEs (unités d'enseignement or "study units") to obtain a minimum of 60 ECTS credits (30 ECTS credits by semester). 
They thereby obtain a "Science, Technology and Health" M2 in "Physics & Chemistry" from the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

Classes and tutorials are given in French or English according to student demand.

The M2 Physics course is accessible as a continuation of the Physics & Chemistry M1 year, but also directly by external application after selection based on the academic file..

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