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List of people having recently worked in the Physics Lab at ENS Lyon. Their new coordinates and present situation are indicated when available. To help us keeping this page up-to-date, please send an email to the webmasters. Email addresses are of the form FirstName.LastName AT . For people formerly in the lab, a forwarding protocol is most often active.

Il existe 9 résultats dans Alumni correspondant aux critères suivants : Supprimer le critère K
Full Name Year Team Former Status Present Status (if known)
Kabalane Hadi SIgnaux, Système & PHysique Post-doctorant
Kaiser Vojtech Physique Théorique Doctorant
Kaloga Yacouba 2019-2021 SIgnaux, Système & PHysique Doctorant ENS de Lyon
Kameyama Takashi -2018 Physique Théorique Post-doctorant
Klironomos Filippos 2007-2009 Physique Théorique Post-doc PostDoc (biology)
Kosgodagan Sébastien -2016 Non Linéaire & Hydrodynamique Post-doctorant
Kozlowski Karol 2005-2008 Physique Théorique Doctorant Post-doc, puis CR CNRS à Dijon.
Kulkarni Giridhar 2022-2023 Physique Theorique ATER
Kuzzay Denis SIgnaux, Système & PHysique Post-doctorant ENS de Lyon