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2nd International Conference on “Cliometrics and Complexity”

Du lun 04 juin 2018 au mar 05 juin 2018

9h-12h30 / 14h-18h


Salle D2 128

  • Pr Steven DURLAUF (University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy, USA)
  • Pr Alan KIRMAN (EHESS, IUF, France)
  • Pr Rosario MANTEGNA (Central European University and University of Palermo)
  • Pr Andrea ROVENTINI (Santa Anna School of Economics, Pisa University)


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With this 2nd international conference on “Cliometrics and Complexity”, our ambition is to stimulate new approaches to Economic History by drawing inspiration from complex systems modeling in Mathematics, Physics and Econophysics. The goal of this conference is to reach a renewed understanding of the underlying dynamics of historical and social systems and to enrich our knowledge of the past, bringing together complex systems modeling and Cliometrics.


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