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École des Houches - Environmental Fluid Dynamics: Confronting Grand Challenges

Du dim 20 jan 2019 au ven 25 jan 2019

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Environmental fluid dynamics underlies a wealth of natural, industrial and, by extension, societal challenges. In the coming decade, as we strive towards a more sustainable planet, there are a wide range of grand challenge problems that need to be tackled, ranging from fundamental advances in understanding and modeling of stratified turbulence and consequent mixing, to applied studies of pollution transport in the ocean, atmosphere and urban environments. The objective of this workshop is to gather leading figures in the field of environmental fluid dynamics to produce a road map for the scientific community.

The session will last five days, each of them dedicated to addressing grand challenge problems in the following five subject areas:

  • Stratified flow
  • Multiphase flow
  • Ocean transport
  • Atmospheric and urban transport
  • Predictability


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