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Rigorous Approach to Quantum Integrable Models at Finite Temperature

lun 30 sep 2019



Soutenance de thèse de M. Salvish GOOMANEE du laboratoire de Physique, sous la direction de M. Karol KOZLOWSKI

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This thesis develops a rigorous framework allowing one to prove the exact representations for various observables in the XXZ Heisenberg spin-1/2 chain at finite temperature. Previously it has been argued in the literature that the per-site free energy or the correlation lengths admit integral representations whose integrands are expressed in terms of solutions of non-linear integral equations. 

The derivations of such representations relied on various conjectures such as the existence of a real, non-degenerate, maximal in modulus Eigenvalue of the quantum transfer matrix, the exchangeability of the infinite volume limit and the Trotter number limits, the existence and uniqueness of the solutions to the auxiliary non-linear integral equations and finally the identification of the quantum transfer matrix’s Eigenvalues with solutions to the non-linear integral equation. We rigorously prove all these conjectures in the high temperature regime. Our analysis also allows us to prove that for temperatures high enough, one may describe a certain subset of sub-dominant Eigenvalues of the quantum transfer matrix described in terms of solutions to a spin-1 chain of finite length.


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