Agenda de l'ENS de Lyon

Workshop “The Fabric of the Post-Western Theory and Sociology of Migration: Concepts, Methods, Fieldwork”

mer 15 déc 2021

8:15 – 17:00 Paris Central European Time (CET), UTC+1

Event venue: Zoom meeting

  • Professor Laurence Roulleau-Berger, CNRS Research Director, Triangle, and French Director of the IAL ENS Lyon/CASS.
  • Professor Liu Yuzhao, School of Sociology and Political Science (SSPS), Director of Institute of Economic Sociology & Multinationals (IESM), Shanghai University.
  • Professor Liu Shiding, Researcher at the Center for Social Research, Peking University, Chair Professor at Zhejiang University.  
  • Ingrid Tucci, CNRS Researcher Fellow, Institute for Economics and Industrial Sociology (LEST), Aix en Provence.
  • Doctor Li Yong, Associated Researcher, Triangle, ENS Lyon
  • Professor Xiong Yihan, School of International Relations & Public Affairs, Fudan University.
  • Doctor Su Liang, assistant professor, Department of Sociology, Hangzhou Dianzi University.
  • Yan Jun, Associate Professor of Sociology and co-Director of the Institute of Economic Sociology & Multinationals (IESM) at Shanghai University.
  • Professor Sun Zhongwei, School of Politics and Public Administration, South China Normal University.
  • Aude-Claire Fourot, Associate Professor of Political Science, Simon Fraser University.
  • Professor Ahmed Boubeker, Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne, Deputy Director of the Centre Max Weber (Lyon).
  • Professor Abdelhafid Hammouche, University of Lille.
  • Doctor Beatrice Zani, postdoctoral research fellow, East Asian Studies, McGill University.
  • Professor Ji Yingchun, School of Sociology and Political Science, Shanghai University.
  • Doctor Chen Chen, Assistant Professor, Asian Demographic Research Institute, Shanghai University.
  • Professor Wang Chunguang, Deputy Director of the Institute of Sociology, director of the Social Policy Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


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Description générale

This workshop is hosted by Triangle, CNRS, ENS de Lyon and with the participation of the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Peking), and the School of Sociology and Political Science (SSPS), Shanghai University. The event follows the publication of the collective book “Sociology of Migration and Post-Western Theory” (Laurence Roulleau-Berger, Liu Yuzhao, eds. 2021, Lyon, ENS Éditions). The contributors of the book will briefly present their chapter and discuss common and local knowledge between China and Europe in relation with migration studies.