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The Computer Science curriculum of ENS de Lyon starts at third year of Bachelor’s degree (L3), the first two years of Bachelor’s degree being most often spent in classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles or in university. L3 courses are in french. The bachelor’s degree is followed by a Master’s degree that takes two years to complete (M1, M2): the first year aims at strengthening the Computer Science background, whereas the second year consists of research courses and a research internship. M1 and M2 courses are in english. The natural follow-up is a doctoral degree lasting three years, and then a career in academia, with a teaching-and-research or research-only position (universities, CNRS, INRIA), or in the industry, with an R&D position.

In this framework, the CS department of ENS de Lyon provides:

  • teachings within the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s degree (L3) of Université Claude Bernard – Lyon1 ;
  • the teachings of the two years (M1 and M2) of the Foundations of CS track of the CS Master’s degree of UCBL, INSA Lyon, École Centrale de Lyon and ENS de Lyon;
  • a preparation to the CS track of the mathematics agrégation.

The 3-year long “Foundations of CS” curriculum provided by ENS de Lyon benefits from more than 25 years of local academic expertise in computer science. One of the emblematic characteristics of this curriculum is that it is driven by and for research.

This commitment to education towards outstanding research is reflected in the organisation of the curriculum. Additionally to courses and tutorials, the curriculum involves:

  • an individualized tutoring,
  • close links with the research staff from the CS research lab (LIP) of ENS de Lyon,
  • a weekly scientific seminar,
  • software development projects,
  • visits of research laboratories,
  • a research internship every year, within a research lab or a company,
  • one or several internships abroad.

Overall, this is a complete curriculum that prepares for careers in academia: teaching-and-research positions in a university, researcher in a research institute, or research engineer. The vast majority of our students complete their studies by a PhD.

The CS department of ENS de Lyon enjoys a priviledged relationship with the Laboratoire de l’Informatique du Parallélisme (LIP). The LIP is the CS research laboratory of ENS de Lyon, and is associated to CNRS, ENS de Lyon, INRIA and UCB Lyon 1. The laboratory plays a crucial role in particular within the Master’s degree, as many courses are taught by researchers. The laboratory also facilitates introduction to research activities, such as seminars, research schools, reading groups, etc