Please note that rooms and times may be subject to changes.

Last modifications: December 6 (more modifications in s49, s50, s01 and s02). 

The typical timetable for the M2 in 2016-2017 is the following: Edt-Type.

Timetables for each week are posted here for convenience (subject to changes).

  • S37 (courses start Sept.13/14, mandatory meeting Sept.12 at 9.15): S37
  • S38: S38
  • S39: s39 (No CR03, no CR14, but there is CR08 in the end! And new room for CR16. ** NO CR07**)
  • S40: s40 (New room for CR16, ** extra CR07 **)
  • S41: s41 (Added CR02, change for CR16, no CR09, ** Mandatory PhD information meeting Tuesday at 13h15 **)
  • S42: s42 (No CR16, no courses on Oct.18)
  • S43 (holidays from Oct.27): s43 (no CR1, extra CR16)
  • S44 (starts Nov.3): s44
  • S45 (no courses on Nov.11): s45 (extra CR12)
  • S46: s46 (no CR02, extra CR06, **no CR16**)
  • S47: s47 (extra CR16, extra CR14, ** Presentation PSL-ITI **)
  • S48: no courses (ER01)
  • S49: s49 (extra CR06, **extra CR10**, ***change of time for CR10 and extra CR17, no CR15, no CR08, change in CR08, change in CR04***)
  • S50: s50 (extra **CR02, CR03 and CR04, no CR10, no CR16**, ***extra CR05***)
  • S51: no courses (holidays)
  • S52: no courses (holidays)
  • S01 (starts Jan.3): s01 (**No CR03, no CR01, no CR12**, ***extra CR14, extra CR15, extra CR11, no CR10, no CR05***)
  • S02: EXAMS (tentative): s02
  • S03: no courses (ER02)
  • S04: no courses (ER03)