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The Genomic Code for Nucleosome Positioning

Orateur :

Jonathan Widom, Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA

Salle :

C023 (RDC LR6 côté CECAM)

Sujet :

Eukaryotic genomes encode an additional layer of genetic information, superimposed on top of the regulatory and coding information, that controls the organization of the genomic DNA into arrays of nucleosomes. We have developed a partial ability to read this nucleosome positioning code and predict the in vivo locations of nucleosomes, using two independent approaches. One approach is based on a statistical profile of natural nucleosome DNAs, the other, on a dinucleotide mechanics model derived from X-ray crystallographic studies of non-nucleosomal protein-DNA complexes. Our results suggest that genomes utilize the nucleosome positioning code to facilitate specific chromosome functions including to delineate functional versus nonfunctional binding sites for key gene regulatory proteins, and to define the next higher level of chromosome structure itself.

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