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Modelling chromosome replication in S. cerevisiae

Orateur :

Alessandro de Moura, Applied Dynamics Research Group, University of Aberdeen, UK

Salle :

C023 (RDC LR6 côté CECAM)

Sujet :

The replication of DNA in cells is a crucial process for all life on Earth. Replication starts at well-defined positions in the chromosome ; these points are called "origins". Once started, a "replication wave" propagates from the origin outwards, with a well-defined velocity. Replication waves start at multiple origins, and propagate simultaneously on the chromosome. Each origin has a certain probability to trigger, and each has a random activation time, with an average which is different for each origin. This makes for a very challenging and interesting dynamical behaviour. We study this dynamics through a stochastic model, and compare the results directly to experimental data. We also discuss the crucial issue of determining the model parameters from experimental data, which is highly non-trivial. One of our main points is that the correct interpretation of experimental data can only be achieved with the help of a mathematical model such as the one we present here. We will present some of the possible pitfalls with a naive, straightforward use of replication data.

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