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Nuclear organization and transcription in budding yeast

Orateur :

Angela Taddei, Dynamique nucléaire et plasticité du génome, Institut Curie, Paris

Salle :

C023 (RDC LR6 côté CECAM)

Sujet :

Although mechanisms of gene silencing have diverged through evolution, the clustering of repetitive sequences forming repressive subcompartments enriched for specific factors, appears to be a recurrent theme. Using budding yeast as a model system, we show that this subcompartmentation of the nucleus can influence global gene expression patterns. In order to investigate the mechanisms involved in the establishment and dynamics of repeat-based nuclear subcompartments, we set up an experimental system that enables us to follow telomere clustering by live microscopy. Coupling this system with a genetic approach, we dissect the determinants of telomere foci formation and the involvement of telomere clustering in gene silencing.

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