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Biology at different scales

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Lundi 25 mar 2017 - Vendredi 24 mar 2017
Winter School in Les Houches


Winter School in Les Houches

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The school will focus on the interplay between physics and biology to understand biological processes at different scales, from the molecular level to living organisms. The school is aimed for PhD students and early-stage researchers. Participants will learn how a biological problem can be tackled using an integrated approach, going from atomic resolution to the level of a whole organism level. Biology at Different Scales also aims at showing how physics can contribute to model biological processes.
Several topics will be covered: Virtual plants, Floral development, Role of proteins, Molecular mechanisms etc... Among the speakers, Olivier Hamant (RDP) will give the conference on "Forces in plant development".
The concepts and methods will be illustrated with two research fields: 
  • Plant morphogenesis from gene to flowers
  • Exocytosis and morphology of the synapse.

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