Information M2 – 2017/2018

List of courses (for full description follow the link CRxx):

  • CR01: Optimal Decision Making and Online Optimization, Panayotis Mertikopoulos and Bruno Gaujal.
  • CR02: Computational Geometry, Monique Teillaud and Olivier Devillers.
  • CR03: Hard lattice problems, Damien Stehlé.
  • CR04: Automata, coinduction, and relation algebra, Damien Pous.
  • CR05: Monadic Second Order Logic, Automata, Expressivity and DecidabilityMatteo Mio and Denis Kuperberg.
  • CR06: Implicit Computational Complexity, Patrick Baillot and Olivier Laurent.
  • CR07: Models of concurrency, categories, and games, Pierre Clairambault and Glynn Winskel.
  • CR08: Scheduling at scale, Yves Robert.
  • CR09: Advanced Topics [Lire la suite…]