Master 2

Year 2016-2017

The goal of this Master program is to provide a wide choice of high quality courses in computer science ranging from the most theoretical aspects to applications. It is open to students having achieved a 4th year degree in Science (Master 1) who wish to deepen their understanding of Computer Science. The typical year starts with courses during the fall term, followed by several (24h, week long) winter schools, and achieved by a 20 weeks research internship. Courses and materials are provided in English to encourage foreign students to join our program. Academic tutoring is provided to every student for finding internships, choosing courses, and providing guidance all along the year.

List of courses (for full description follow the link CRxx):

  • Winter schools:  See here.
  • Pre-course meeting: A (mandatory) pre-course meeting is planned on September 12 at 9.15am, Amphi B. The general organisation of the year and a description of the courses will be provided.
  • Schedule: Courses start September 13/14. Autumn holidays are October 27-November 2, Winter holidays are December 23-January 2. Exams will be held on January 9-13, 2017. The detailed schedule is available here.
  • Validation: To obtain their degree, CS Master students must complete 60 credits including the internship (30 credits), three winter schools (2 credits each) and four courses (4 credits each) in the above list. A typical choice is 6 courses, 3 schools and the internship; the extra courses can be chosen either in the CS courses or in the other departments. To meet the quality requirements of our program, the course choices must be approved by the academic tutor and the head of the Master 2 program. Administrative registration is mandatory. Please refer to the rules of the Master here.
  • Complex System orientation: The “Complex System” M2 orientation, organised by IXXI/ENS Lyon, provides an innovative training for students who are interested in the interdisciplinary research of complex networks and modeling of complex systems. This program maintains a balance between different disciplines by combining courses from the fields of biology, computer science, mathematics, physics and sociology. Please follow this link for further details. Note that students following this orientation within the Computer Science master need to validate 4 of the CS courses listed above, and that CR15 is mandatory for these students.