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The M2 curriculum in computer science has a single main objective: preparing students to successfully conduct a PhD thesis in a related field. We offer a broad spectrum of
classes and topics (totally renewed every second year), while aiming at providing a strong basis of skills and knowledge before specialization in some particular area.

The M2 curriculum is oriented towards fundamental aspects of computer science and requires a strong mathematical background. Each course requires students to report on published research papers (chosen from a list made available by the professor) and to make a critical analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

The second semester is devoted to a full-time training period in a research lab (anywhere on earth) and leads to a final report and presentation. Students are expected to make new contributions during their training period, and most of them succeed in publishing their results in some forum before embarking for their PhD.

See here for a detailed description for 2019-2020.

Contact: Yves Robert