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Lab news

  • April 2021: Welcome to Nicolas Mendiboure (M1 student - INSA Lyon) for his internship in bioinformatics, and let's hope he will be able to come in person a little more in a few weeks.
  • March 2021: Check out how we use the amazing technology of glass to reduce our plastic footprint here!

  • January 2021: We are delighted to welcome Vinciane Piveteau (M2 student - ENS Lyon) as the first student of the lab!
  • December 2020: Our latest study I initiated in the lab of Romain Koszul and further developed by Hélène on the role of Cohesin in regulating homology search during homologous recombination is available as a preprint on BioRxiv. First co-last author paper of the lab!
  • October 2020: Publication of our homemade protocols for physical DNA joint molecules detection in S. cerevisiae and the genetic study of multi-invasion-induced rearrangements in Methods in Molecular Biology. Check it out here.
  • September 2020: First lab hike ever! Check out the pictures here.

  • September 2020: Welcome to Agnès, our research engineer !! She joined from far far away, somewhere in the 1st floor of the LBMC.

  • April 2020: Welcome to Jérôme, a new postdoc in the lab (although in a virtual form at first). As of now he still did not give me a proper picture of himself!

  • January 2020: BREAKING: Hélène is the first person to dare join the lab! Warmest welcome and looking forward to the great science ahead!