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Each member can be contacted by e-mail, AT Phone numbers are +33 (0)4 72 72 8x xx.
Full Name Office Team Status
DJEGHMOUM Yasmina M4 005 PIAZZA Doctorante
DUMONT Agnès M4 005 PIAZZA Ingénieur CNRS
MENDIBOURE Nicolas M4 005 PIAZZA Doctorant
PIVETEAU Vinciane M4 005 PIAZZA Doctorante
SAVOCCO Jérôme M4 005 PIAZZA Chercheur CNRS


  • Aurèle Piazza (PI)

Aurèle obtained his PhD in Genetics in 2012 from the Univeristy Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris for his research on DNA secondary structures conducted in the laboratory of Alain Nicolas at the Institut Curie. For his post-doc he joined the laboratory of Wolf-Dietrich Heyer at the University of California in Davis to study the core steps of homologous recombination. In 2017 he returned to France in the laboratory of Romain Koszul at the Intitut Pasteur where he started to investigate the reciprocal influences of the spatial organization of chromatin in the nucleus and the DNA break repair process. He obtained a permanent research position at the CNRS in 2018. In 2019, he received funding from the CNRS (Momentum) and the European Union (ERC) to develop these projects in his own research group.

Twitter: @aurelepiazza

  • Jérôme Savocco (Post-doc)

Jérôme earned his PhD in bioengineering at the University of Louvain in 2018 (UCLouvain, Belgium). His thesis, conducted in the lab of Pierre Morsomme, focused on the trafficking of plasma membrane proteins in S. cerevisiae. He then started a post-doctoral position in the team of Anna Maria Marini at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Belgium) to study the structure-function relationship of human ammonium transporters of the Rhesus family. Passionate about molecular genetics, he is now going to tackle the long-standing questions raised by the homology search process. He is a proud recipient of a Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI) post-doctoral fellowship.

  • Agnès Dumont (Research engineer)

Agnes obtained her Master in cellular and molecular biology in 2004. She then started working in the virology field, first in a clinical study about HHV8 detection in transplant organs in France, and then at the Hong Kong Pasteur Institute where she developed a multiplex flu serological test. in 2010, she joined the Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics Core Facility in Montreal, where she became  specialized in next-generation sequencing. After a short stay in Merabet and Yvert’s lab at the Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon, she is joining us to discover the pleasure and secrets of the best model organism, Saccharomyces cerevisiae!

  • Yasmina Djeghmoum (PhD student)

Yasmina got her Master’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at Sorbonne University in Paris. She performed her Master’s internship at Institut Curie in the lab of Aura Carreira where she studied the role of BRCA2 oligomeric state in DNA double-strand break repair by homologous recombination in human cell lines. Being always interested in genetics and molecular biology, she walked down the homologous recombination pathway, and now study factors regulating D-loop formation and stability in S. cerevisiae.

  • Vinciane Piveteau (PhD student)

Vinciane loved it so much during her M2 internship that she decided to extend her stay for 3 more years, to do her PhD! How lucky for us! Vinciane works on the interplay between spatial chromatin organization and homology search, and its consequence on genome stability in S. cerevisiae.

  • Nicolas Mendiboure (PhD student)

Nicolas has had such a great time modelling the recombination pathway during his M1 internship that he is back for more, over a full PhD! He will put his bioinformatics and modelling skills, acquired at the INSA in Lyon, to understand in quantitative terms the nooks and crannies of recombination, chromosome mechanics, and their interplay.

  • Chloé Dupont (Research engineer)

Chloé is a true recombination and yeast lover, trained for her PhD by Laurent Maloisel and Eric Coic in one of the few hardcore lab on the topic in France. She will work together with Vinciane on an ARC-funded project trying to understand how recombination is regulated by the 3D organization of the genome and how dysregulation of this organization impact genome stability. Welcome Chloé!


Lab alumni:


  • 2024: Yelene Etter (M2 student Paris Saclay) - honors (16.2/20)
  • 2023: Lola Cottaz (L3 student Universite Catho de Lyon)
  • 2023: Pauline Le Corre (INSA M1 bioinformatics student) - honors (20/20)
  • 2022: Loqmen Anani (ENS L3 student)
  • 2021: Schayma Ben Marzougui (ENSTA Paris M2 maths student) - honors (16/20)
  • 2021: Nicolas Mendiboure (INSA M1 bioinformatics student) - honors (19.4/20)
  • 2021: Vinciane Piveteau (ENS M2 biology student) - honors (16/20)
  • 2020: Hélène Bordelet (post-doc), now postdoc in Romain Koszul's lab (Institut Pasteur) and close collaborator :)