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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 21 references in this bibliography folder.

Reitz, D, Djeghmoum, Y, and Piazza, A (2023).
Delineation of two multi-invasion-induced rearrangement pathways that differently affect genome stability
Genes and Development.

Reitz, D, Savocco, J, Piazza, A, and Heyer, W (2022).
Detection of Homologous Recombination Intermediates via Proximity Ligation and Quantitative PCR in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
J Vis Exp, 187.

Piazza, A, Bordelet, H, Dumont, A, Thierry, A, Savocco, J, Girard, F, and Koszul, R (2021).
Cohesin regulates homology search during recombinational DNA repair
Nature Cell Biology, 23:1176–1186.

Piazza, A, Rajput, P, and Heyer, W (2021).
Physical and Genetic Assays for the Study of DNA Joint Molecules Metabolism and Multi-invasion-Induced Rearrangements in S. cerevisiae
Methods in Molecular Biology, 2153:535-554.

Savocco, J and Piazza, A (2021).
Recombination-mediated genome rearrangements
Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 71:63-71.

Scwartz, E, Hung, S, Meyer, D, Piazza, A, Yan, K, Fu, B, and Heyer, W (2020).
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Mus81-Mms4 Prevents Accelerated Senescence in Telomerase-Deficient Cells
PLoS Genetics.

Shah, S, Hartono, S, Piazza, A, Som, V, Wright, W, Chedin, F, and Heyer, W (2020).
Rdh54/Tid1 Inhibits Rad51-Rad54-Mediated D-loop Formation and Limits D-loop Length

Piazza, A and Heyer, W (2019).
Moving forward one step back at a time: reversibility during homologous recombination
Current genetics, 65(6):1333–1340.

Piazza, A and Heyer, W (2019).
Homologous recombination and the formation of complex genomic rearrangements
Trends in cell biology, 29(2):135–149.

Piazza, A, Shah, SS, Wright, WD, Gore, SK, Koszul, R, and Heyer, W (2019).
Dynamic processing of displacement loops during recombinational DNA repair
Molecular cell, 73(6):1255–1266.

Muller, H, Scolari, VF, Agier, N, Piazza, A, Thierry, A, Mercy, G, Descorps-Declere, S, Lazar-Stefanita, L, Espéli, O, Llorente, B, and others (2018).
Characterizing meiotic chromosomes' structure and pairing using a designer sequence optimized for Hi-C
Molecular systems biology, 14(7).

Piazza, A and Heyer, W (2018).
Multi-invasion-induced rearrangements as a pathway for physiological and pathological recombination
Bioessays, 40(5):1700249.

Piazza, A, Koszul, R, and Heyer, W (2018).
A proximity ligation-based method for quantitative measurement of D-loop extension in S. cerevisiae
In: Methods in enzymology, vol. 601, pp. 27–44, Academic Press.

Piazza, A, Cui, X, Adrian, M, Samazan, F, Heddi, B, Phan, A, and Nicolas, AG (2017).
Non-Canonical G-quadruplexes cause the hCEB1 minisatellite instability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Elife, 6:e26884.

Piazza, A, Wright, WD, and Heyer, W (2017).
Multi-invasions are recombination byproducts that induce chromosomal rearrangements
Cell, 170(4):760–773.

Piazza, A, Adrian, M, Samazan, F, Heddi, B, Hamon, F, Serero, A, Lopes, J, Teulade-Fichou, M, Phan, AT, and Nicolas, A (2015).
Short loop length and high thermal stability determine genomic instability induced by G-quadruplex-forming minisatellites
The EMBO journal, 34(12):1718–1734.

Piazza, A (2012).
Rôle des G-quadruplexes dans l'instabilité génomique chez Saccharomyces cerevisiae
PhD thesis, Paris 6.

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Stimulation of gross chromosomal rearrangements by the human CEB1 and CEB25 minisatellites in Saccharomyces cerevisiae depends on G-quadruplexes or Cdc13
PLoS genetics, 8(11).

Lopes, J, Piazza, A, Bermejo, R, Kriegsman, B, Colosio, A, Teulade-Fichou, M, Foiani, M, and Nicolas, A (2011).
G-quadruplex-induced instability during leading-strand replication
The EMBO journal, 30(19):4033–4046.

Piazza, A, Boule, J, Lopes, J, Mingo, K, Largy, E, Teulade-Fichou, M, and Nicolas, A (2010).
Genetic instability triggered by G-quadruplex interacting Phen-DC compounds in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Nucleic acids research, 38(13):4337–4348.

Ribeyre, C, Lopes, J, Boulé, J, Piazza, A, Guédin, A, Zakian, VA, Mergny, J, and Nicolas, A (2009).
The yeast Pif1 helicase prevents genomic instability caused by G-quadruplex-forming CEB1 sequences in vivo
PLoS genetics, 5(5).

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