M2 Chemistry - Schedule and Timetables

You can download the annual schedule and M2 semester timetables for the 2020-21 year.

Annual Calendar

Important dates for 2021-2022:

- Wednesday, september 8th 2021 (10 am).Rentree meeting of the Master and presentation of the internal catalogue offer and Master's components

-Thursday, september 9th 2021 (time: TBA). Presentation of the external catalogue offer (Master of Chemistry, University Lyon I)

- Monday september 13th 2021. Official start of S3 courses

- october 6th 2021. Deadline for the choice of the bibliographic report and 2nd semester internship topic and location

- december 6th 2021. Deadline for the production of the bibliographic report

- January 5th-15th 2022. 1st semester exams (can vary depending on individula choices of study units & exam modalities)

- February 1st 2022. Latest possible start for 2nd semester internship

- July 1st 2022. Earliest possible end for 2nd semester internship & deadline for the production of the internship report

- July 15th-30th  2022 .  possible timeslots for internship's defense. Physical presence in Lyon is compulsory.

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can be found by clicking on the "Timetable" link and is also avalaible in the "Documents" section (right hand column).

NOTE: the featured document is illustrative, definitive timetable for year 2021-2022 will be put online after the first rentree meeting