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Master 2 training in Complex Systems:



"Physics, computer science and

complex networks"


The "Complex Systems" M2 master program, with emphasis on "Physics, Computer science and Complex Networks", is organised by IXXI/ENS Lyon to provide an innovative training for students who are interested in the interdisciplinary research of complex networks and modeling of complex systems. This program maintains a balance between different disciplines by combining courses from the fields of biology, computer science, mathematics, physics and sociology. 

The "Complex Systems" course programme for the Physics & Chemistry M2 offers:

An interdisciplinary approach to complex systems for students from the Physics & Chemistry, Biosciences, Mathematics and Fundamental Computer Science master's degree programmes. Consult the courses.

A solid grounding within a variety of disciplines: students take M2-level UEs within their discipline and also carry out a laboratory research placement within their discipline.

A significant openness to other disciplines, thanks to introductory courses and modules on modelling within other specific domains.

Transversal modules on the methodology or epistemology of modelling and on the tools for data analysis and processing.

Direct and Personal Contacts with research on Complex systems and complex networks, thanks to the IXXI (Complex System Institute in Rhône-Alpes) where the teachings are done. .

Practical information on the Master 2:

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