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Issue N° 5

Introduction to plasma physicochemistry

Pierre Dedieu

Plasma is an unknown medium which however has a lot of applications. Considered as the fourth state of matter, a plasma is produced by ionizing a gas. This medium is far from being artificial as physicists expect 99% of matter in the universe to be in plasma state. On Earth, natural phenomena like lightnings, aurora borealis, neon lights and television screens use plasma. This article aims at popularizing basic notions of plasma physics and chemistry. First, some vocabulary and the different types of plasma will be introduced. Then, the generation of a plasma starting from a gas will be described and the double dielectric barrier geometry will be detailed. Finally, the different chemical reactions occurring in a plasma will be described relying on the example of an air plasma.

Issue N° 5

Phosphorescent windows - Synthesis of phosphorescent strontium aluminates

Lise Boutenègre, Simon Baillet

When one visits a church, one cannot but stare in awe at the vitrals - usually a centerpiece of the building. However, it is much more difficult to look at them properly at night. We dealt with that issue during the "Tournoi Français des Chimistes", and we will be presenting in this article our thoughts and experiments about creating vitrals that can be lit autonomously at night.

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Issue N° 5

Nanomaterials for batteries

Coline Boulanger

Batteries are a well-known technology to store energy. If the first batteries were made at the end of the nineteenth century, major technological issues prevented their development for decades. Today, batteries are regarded as a promising way to store energy from sustainable sources, but their performance still has to be improved. In this article, the use of nanomaterials for batteries is explored and the advantages as well as the current limits of such material is exposed.

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