Contents of the course

  • Gcd and extended Gcd : Euclidean algorithm, Extended Euclidean Algorithm (complexity analysis, properties), quasi-linear gcd (Knuth-Schonhage).
  • Algorithms for polynomials : evaluation, interpolation. Product tree. Quasi-linear algorithms for multiple point evaluation and interpolation.
  • Algorithms for linear algebra : Gauss pivoting (over a field), applications (image, kernel, determinant, linear system solving) ; multimodular methods and Hensel lifting over Z and K[X].
  • Elimination theory and resultant. Applications to the computation of theintersection of two plane algebraic curves.
  • Polynomial factoring over Z/pZ : Berlekamp algorithm, Cantor-Zassenhaus algorithm, Hensel lifting over Z/p^k Z.
  • Application to Error-Correcting Codes : Reed-Solomon codes. Decoding algorithms, list decoding algorithms.
  • (… to be completed)

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