Description :

This course presents basic tools for qualitative and quantitative performance evaluation of communication and computing systems. It is a
theoritical course but some real systems will be analyzed such as communication networks. This course will also present an introduction to
statistics and some discussions about the experimental method.

Plan of the course :

  1. Short refresher about probability prerequisites
  2. Simulation schemes and random generation
  3. Discrete time Markov chains
  4. Continuous time Markov chains and queuing theory
  5. Markovian decision process
  6. Petri nets
  7. Statistics

Prerequisites :

A classical but strong background in probability is necessary (like some knowledge about finite state Markov chains or convergence of random  variables).

People in charge of the course:

  • Eric Thierry (a web page dedicated to the course will be made available from E. Thierry’s page).
  • Julien Herrmann