January 2022

The 5th issue of the JPCE is now online!

Thanks to the investment and motivation of the students, this issue covers many subjects, with a majority of the articles dealing with chemistry. It is once again entirely written by students, based on university projects or personal work.

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Theoretical study of redox cofactors of bd cytochromes

Côme Cattin

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Iodine: 210 years of research at the service of society

Antoine Brunel, Côme Cattin, Camille Chartier

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Nanomaterials for batteries

Coline Boulanger

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Introduction to plasma physicochemistry

Pierre Dedieu

Phosphorescent windows - Synthesis of phosphorescent strontium aluminates

Lise Boutenègre, Simon Baillet

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The CMS Experiment at CERN

Théo Moret

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