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French-Chinese seminar on Mathematics Education in a Time of Transitions

Du lun 10 déc 2018 au jeu 13 déc 2018

8h-12h / 14h-18h

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This MaTRiTT project (2017) is an answer to the Xu Guangqi call of the French Ambassy in Beijin. It is a new step for the collaboration, in the domain of mathematics education, between the French Institute of Education (ENS de Lyon) and ECNU (Shanghai). This collaboration gave matter to previous seminars (for example here) and common papers (for example Pepin et al. 2016).  This collaboration developed within the joint educational research platform hosted by JoRISS. The current project involved two researchers in IFÉ (Luc Trouche and Sophie Soury-Lavergne), two researchers in ECNU (Jianshen Bao and Binyan Xu) and three Ph.D. students (ECNU and ENS de Lyon, S2HEP, EPIC) co-supervised by these researchers (see their presentations below).

MaTRiTT means Mathematics Teachers Resources in a Time of Transitions. Transitions means curricular transitions, and digital transitions. These transitions imply a metamorphosis of mathematics teachers work, that the MaTRiTT project analyses throughout their interactions with their resources. Situated in the frame of the documentational approach to didactics (Gueudet & Trouche 2009), MaTRiTT is particularly interested in teachers’ resource systems, and in teachers’ collective work. This project analyses this metamorphosis in opening two windows on Chinese and French math teachers documentation work. The MaTRiTT project is associated to the PREMaTT French project (Penser les ressources des enseignants de mathématiques dans un temps de transitions), developing in the region of Lyon. A better understanding of the metamorphosis at stake is hoped to be gained from this confronting point of view.

Dans le cadre d’un appel à projet court de JoRISS, le séminaire regroupera les 4 doctorants chinois du domaine en séjour à l’ENS ainsi que leurs superviseurs français  et chinois, et proposera des regards croisés sur les travaux en cours.



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