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Dynamique des Avalanches et Précurseurs d’Événements Catastrophiques

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In nature as well as in many technical applications, one encounters the sometimes problematic phenomenon of intermittent dynamics, e.g. in form of stick-slip motion, associated to strongly correlated dynamics of complex geometrical objects over scales that can span many orders of magnitude. Examples range from the atomic to the tectonic scale, including avalanches in magnetic materials, superconductors, deformation of glasses, cascades of irreversible rearrangements in soft matter systems, critical dynamics of imbibition fronts and crack growth; mechanical response of granular and porous media, wood, and geological flows, such as snow avalanches and earthquakes.

Understanding the complex, nonlinear spatio-temporal response of these systems, and the connections between different scales is crucial for physical predictions, and for the development of reliable models for engineers. Recent theoretical and experimental progress makes this a timely forum for an interdisciplinary effort to advance this important emerging research area.





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