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Past seminars

Date Speaker Title Location Contact
Sep 13, 2019 Gérard BENOIT Nuclear receptors in mouse ES/EC cells: from cell population to single-cell/single-molecule analyses Equipe Gandrillon - Salle des Thèses
Sep 06, 2019 Raphaëlle DUBRUILLE On genetic conflicts and selective sperm elimination in Drosophila Equipe Loppin - Salle des Thèses
Sep 06, 2019 Aurèle PIAZZA Homology search during homologous recombination: a multi-layered challenge at risk for genomic stability
Jun 28, 2019 Robert FEIL, Institut de Génétique Moléculaire de Montpellier IGMM Role of lncRNAs and chromatin structuration in genomic imprinting Equipe Palladino, Salle des Thèses
Jun 21, 2019 Pablo NAVARRO, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, EPIC unit, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France Keeping nucleosomes in order during replication and mitosis Equipe Bernard - Amphi Schrodinger
Jun 14, 2019 Masters 2 Léonard COLIN, Joris DEING, Margaux PRIEUX, Camille FOURNEAU, Loïc GELY Salle des Thèses
Jun 07, 2019 Hélène DUPLUS Genetic manipulations of live cells using light Equipe Yvert - Salle des Thèses
May 24, 2019 Ana LOSADA - Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológica, Madrid Specific contributions of variant cohesin complexes to genome folding Equipe Bernard - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
May 17, 2019 Fabien DUVEAU (Université Paris Diderot) Evolution of non-genetic variation in the expression of a yeast gene Equipe Yvert - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
May 10, 2019 ANNULE ANNULE Equipe Jalinot - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
May 03, 2019 Karine MONIER, CRCL Eternity buffer: 3 research fields collaborate for the development and technology transfer of an innovative buffer for super-resolution microscopy Equipe Gandrillon - Salle Condorcet - 1 place de l'école
Apr 26, 2019 Equipe Palladino The CFP1/CXXC protein independently interacts with COMPASS and the SIN3/HDAC complex Equipe Palladino - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Apr 12, 2019 Daniel JOST Sharing is caring: role of 3D organization in epigenetic regulation Equipe Jost - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Apr 05, 2019 Léonard COLIN Investigating the functional interplay between nucleosomes and condensin Equipe Bernard - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Mar 29, 2019 Marie DELATTRE Males as somatic investment in a (forgotten) parthenogenetic nematode Equipe Delattre - Amphi K
Mar 25, 2019 Anton CROMBACH, INRIA La Doua Evolution of the D. melanogaster chromatin landscape and its associated proteins Equipe Sémon Pantalacci - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Mar 22, 2019 Sophie PANTALACCI Modeling Edar expression reveals the hidden dynamics of tooth signaling center patterning Equipe Semon Pantalacci - Amphi Schrodinger
Mar 15, 2019 Javier MORANTES, Alicante A body fat sensor triggers maturation initiation in Drosophila Equipe Mollereau - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Mar 11, 2019 Anne-Sophie Kuhlmann / Julien Villaudy Gene therapy for HIV: Antibody-secreting hematopoietic cells in humanized mice / The contribution of humanized mice in Immuno-Oncology: the example of AT1412, a fully human patient derived antibody against CD9 Equipe Jalinot / Duc Dodon - Amphi A
Mar 08, 2019 Giorgio BERNARDI, Roma Tre University Le génome humain : une vue d’ensemble sur son organisation et son évolution Equipe Gandrillon - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
Mar 01, 2019 Sophie TERRONE Role of RNA helicases DDX5/DDX17 in connecting 3D gene organization and alternative splicing Equipe Auboeuf -Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
Feb 22, 2019 Olivier GANDRILLON A single-cell point of view on CML Equipe Gandrillon - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
Feb 15, 2019 Pierre JALINOT Role in leukemogenesis of the ability of the HTLV-1 Tax protein to interact with cellular PDZ proteins: is the TIP1/beta-catenin couple the culprit ? Equipe Jalinot Duc Dodon - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
Feb 08, 2019 Mirko FRANCESCONI Why are genetically identical individuals growing in the same environment phenotypically different? Equipe FRANCESCONI Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Feb 01, 2019 Monica ZOPPE, Italie From data to perception and return. Visualization in cellular and molecular biology Equipe Gandrillon - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
Jan 25, 2019 ANNULE Equipe Francesconi - Salle des Thèses
Jan 22, 2019 Anton CROMBACH Evolution of the D. melanogaster chromatin landscape and its associated proteins Equipe Sémon Pantalacci Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Jan 18, 2019 ANNULE Equipe Grammont - Salle des Thèses
Dec 14, 2018 Vincent GELI, CRCM Marseille The p21‐mTert knock‐In mouse: Escape of senescence and deregulation of signalling and metabolic pathways. Equipe Palladino - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Dec 07, 2018 ANNULE Equipe Spichty - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'Ecole)
Nov 30, 2018 Victor GIRARD Understanding neuronal fat accumulation in Parkinson's Disease: insights from Drosophila Equipe Mollereau - Salle des Thèses
Nov 23, 2018 Vincent VANOOSTHUYSE Investigating R-loop architecture as a possible source of DNA replication stress Equipe Bernard - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Nov 16, 2018 Bojan ZAGROVIC, University of Vienna RNA-protein interactions and the structure of the genetic code Equipe Auboeuf - Salle des Thèses
Nov 09, 2018 Hélène PUCCIO, IGBMC Understanding mammalian iron-sulfur cluster assembly and the pathophysiology of Friedreich ataxia Equipe Mollereau - Salle des Thèses
Oct 26, 2018 Aurèle PIAZZA, Institut Pasteur, Paris Metabolism of DNA joint molecules during homologous recombination: break-up and ménage-à-trois on the path to fidelity Equipe Jalinot - Salle des thèses
Oct 19, 2018 Giorgio BERNARDI, Roma Tre University Le génome humain:une vue d’ensemble sur son organisation et son évolution Equipe Gandrillon - Annulé
Oct 15, 2018 Gilles STORELLI, Utah University “Metabo-Devo”: Drosophila HNF4 directs a switch in lipid metabolism that supports the transition to adulthood B. Mollereau - Grande Salle de réunion M6
Oct 12, 2018 Geneviève Dupont (Unité de Chronobiologie Théorique, Université Libre de Bruxelles) Modelling early mammalian development O. Gandrillon- Grande Salle de réunion, M6
Oct 05, 2018 Sébastien LEMAIRE - Nicolas FONTRODONA Splicing regulation follows constrains by GC content Equipe Auboeuf - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Sep 28, 2018 Emmanuel LABARONNE Characterizing the HIV-1 transcriptome and translatome using Nanopore sequencing and Ribosome profiling Equipe Ricci - 1 place de l'école
Sep 21, 2018 Laurent MODOLO Nextflow a data driven pipeline (for biologists) L. Modolo - Salle des Thèses
Sep 18, 2018 Tanja SCHWANDER, UNIL Lausanne Consequences of asexual reproduction in animals Marie Delattre - Salle des thèses
Sep 14, 2018 ANNULE Salle des Thèses Equipe Jalinot Duc Dodon
Sep 10, 2018 Benoît ARCANGIOLI, Institut Pasteur On quiescence genetics Salle des Thèses Geneviève Fourel
Sep 07, 2018 * Salle des Thèses Equipe Palladino
Jun 29, 2018 Anissa GUILLEMIN / Ronan DUCHESNE Drugs modulating stochastic gene expression affect differentiation Salle des Thèses Equipe Gandrillon
Jun 22, 2018 Marianne SEDRU New Drosophila model of Parkinson’s disease: combining genetic and environmental risk factors Equipe Mollereau
Jun 15, 2018 Marcos MORGAN, University of Edinburgh RNA modifications define a functional oocyte transcriptome Pierre Jalinot
Jun 08, 2018 Masters 2 Salle des Thèses
Jun 01, 2018 Mirko FRANCESCONI, Barcelone Dissecting the sources of phenotypic variation among genetically identical individuals growing in the same environment Salle des Thèses Pierre Jalinot
May 25, 2018 David LLERES, IGMM Studying Nanoscale Chromatin Structure in living Multicellular Organism by quantitative FLIM-FRET Microscopy Salle des Thèses invited by F. PALLADINO
May 18, 2018 Jane MELLOR (University of Oxford) Is H3K4me3 Instructive for Transcription? Deconstructing the Relationship Between Chromatin and Gene Expression using Ultradian Metabolic Cycles. Salle des Thèses invited by F. PALLADINO
May 11, 2018 Lamya BENAMEUR Exonic DNA-binding of RelA regulates alternative splicing via the RNA helicase DDX17 Salle des Thèses Equipe AUBOEUF
May 04, 2018 ANNULE ANNULE Salle des Thèses Equipe JALINOT - DUC DODON
Apr 20, 2018 Julieta RIVOSECCHI Condensin positioning at RNAPIII-transcribed genes by the DNA&RNA helicase Sen1 Salle des Thèses Equipe BERNARD
Apr 13, 2018 Manon GROSMAIRE Why would parthenogenetic females sire males whose DNA is not transmitted to females? Salle des Thèses Equipe DELATTRE
Mar 30, 2018 Marie SEMON Convergent genomic evolution Salle des Thèses Equipe SEMON-PANTALACCI
Mar 23, 2018 Stéphane VINCENT Zasp52 function during dorsal closure in Drosophila Salle des Thèses Equipe GRAMMONT
Mar 16, 2018 Thomas SEXTON, IGBMC Dynamic chromatin topologies in transcriptional regulation during T cell development Salle des Thèses Equipe AUBOEUF
Mar 12, 2018 Daniel JOST (Université de Grenoble) Epigenomics in 3D: understanding the functional role of 3D chromatin organization Salle des Thèses Gaël Yvert
Mar 09, 2018 Cyril BOURGEOIS DEAD-box RNA helicases DDX5 and DDX17 are multi-tasking factors with important functions in neuronal differentiation Salle des Thèses Equipe AUBOEUF
Mar 02, 2018 Daan VAN DEN BRINK Conserved roles of fatty acid transport protein in retinal pigment cells for lipid droplet expansion and photoreceptor maintenance Salle des Thèses Equipe MOLLEREAU
Feb 23, 2018 Michel WASSEF (Institut Curie) The BAP1 deubiquitinase complex is a general transcriptional co-activator Salle des Thèses F. Palladino
Feb 16, 2018 ANNULE Salle des Thèses Equipe JALINOT
Feb 09, 2018 Arnaud BONNAFFOUX WASABI : a novel framework for Gene Regulatory Network inference Salle des Thèses Equipe GANDRILLON
Feb 05, 2018 Benjamin LOPPIN, LBBE Epigenetic control of the oocyte-to-zygote transition in Drosophila Salle des Thèses Bertrand Mollereau
Feb 02, 2018 Charlotte RIVIERE - Institut Lumière Matière, UCBL Development of microsystems to control cell environment and decipher cell fate Salle des Thèses O. Gandrillon
Jan 26, 2018 Gaël YVERT Quantitative genetic variation of a cellular response behaviour Salle des Thèses Equipe YVERT
Jan 19, 2018 Xavier ROBELLET Post-translational modifications of Condensin during the cell cycle Salle des Thèses Equipe BERNARD
Jan 12, 2018 Vincent GALY (UPMC) Allophagy: autophagy at work to insure maternal transmission of the mighty mitochondrial genome Salle des Thèses Charlotte SCHOLTES
Dec 22, 2017 Marion HERBETTE H3K4 methylation and germline chromatin organisation 1 place de l'école Equipe PALLADINO
Dec 15, 2017 Muriel GRAMMONT Probing the mechanical properties for the basement membrane with an atomic force microscope 1 place de l'école Equipe GRAMMONT
Dec 12, 2017 Cécile MARTINAT (ISTEM) Applications of human pluripotent stem cells for neuromuscular diseases LR5 Sous-sol Hélène Polvèche / Didier Auboeuf
Dec 08, 2017 Aubé Fabien, Auboeuf Didier, Fontrodona Nicolas Interplay between the genetic code and the splicing code 1 place de l'école Equipe AUBOEUF
Dec 01, 2017 * 1 place de l'école
Nov 24, 2017 Vincent MOCQUET Retroviral Tax plugs and freezes UPF1 helicase leading to Nonsense Mediated mRNA Decay (NMD) inhibition during HTLV-1 infection 1, place de l'école Equipe JALINOT-DUC DODON
Nov 23, 2017 Orsolya SYMMONS, University of Pennsylvania Imaging allele-specific gene expression in mouse tissues 1, place de l'école G. Yvert
Nov 17, 2017 LyonSysBio LyonSysBio 1 place de l'école Equipe GANDRILLON
Nov 13, 2017 Thomas SURREY - The Francis Crick Institute, UK Mechanistic biochemistry of microtubule cytoskeleton architecture and dynamics Salle des Thèses
Nov 10, 2017 Irina SOLOVEI - LMU Munich Spatial self-organization of the genome in the nucleus 1 place de l'école Hôte : Geneviève Fourel
Nov 03, 2017 * ANNULE
Oct 27, 2017 *
Oct 20, 2017 Francois Paquet-Durand, Institute for Ophthalmic Research University of Tuebingen Hereditary photoreceptor degeneration: Metabolic processes and temporal characteristics
Oct 10, 2017 Asher CUTTER University of Toronto
Oct 10, 2017 Asher CUTTER University of Toronto
Oct 06, 2017 LBMC Scientific Get Together Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph
Sep 29, 2017 Clémence HOCQUET Role of Condensin in the regulation of gene expression in the fission yeast S. pombe Equipe BERNARD
Sep 26, 2017 Claudio SETTE Dynamic regulation of splicing controls timely usage of transcripts during germ cell differentiation University of Rome Tor Vergata, Dept. Biomedicine and Prevention
Sep 22, 2017 Edouard BERTRAND Gene expression viewed through the microscope: a single cell, single molecule view of transcription and translation IGM, Montpellier
Sep 15, 2017 *
Sep 08, 2017 Valérie ROBERT The H3K4 HMT SET-2 maintains cell fate in C. elegans germline Equipe PALLADINO - Salle Condorcet (1 place de l'école)
Jul 17, 2017 Frieder SCHOECK - McGill University McGill University, Canada
Jun 26, 2017 Chloé Feral (IRCAN, Nice) Hôte : Equipe Pantalacci/Semon
Jun 23, 2017 Masters 2
Jun 19, 2017 Patrick McGrath (Georgia Tech, Atlanta) Hôte : Equipe Delattre
Jun 02, 2017 Guillaume Giraud Equipe Auboeuf
May 26, 2017 Ronan Duchesne Equipe O. Gandrillon
May 19, 2017 Nina Kirstein "How does chromatin dictate pre-replication complex positioning and activation in humans?" Benjamin Audit
May 12, 2017 Daan Van Den Brink "Keeping an eye on glial lipid droplets : a message for photoreceptor health ?" Equipe B. Mollereau
May 05, 2017 Gaël YVERT Assigning function to natural allelic variation via dynamic modeling of gene network induction Equipe G. Yvert
Apr 28, 2017 *
Apr 21, 2017 Laurie-Anne Lamiré Organ morphogenesis: switching from round to ovoid shape during growth Equipe Grammont
Apr 14, 2017 Stéphane RETY Domain motion in Pif1 helicase Equipe Jalinot/Duc Dodon
Apr 07, 2017 *
Mar 31, 2017 William RITCHIE Will machines destroy transcriptomics? Institute of Human Genetics, Montpellier
Mar 24, 2017 Sophie PANTALACCI Comparative transcriptomics of molar development in rodents reveals a discordance between developmental program evolution and morphological evolution Equipe Sémon-Pantalacci
Mar 17, 2017 Julian VENABLES Improving scientific writing skills Science et sens - Paris
Mar 10, 2017 Flore Beurton Isolation and characterization of the SET1/MLL complex in C. elegans F. Palladino
Mar 06, 2017 Serge PELET Cell fate decisions in a yeast MAPK pathway Université de Lausanne
Mar 03, 2017 Vincent VANOOSTHUYSE Investigating R-Loop formation at single molecule resolution P. Bernard
Feb 27, 2017 François TRONCHE IBPS, Paris
Feb 24, 2017 Anissa GUILLEMIN Equipe O. Gandrillon
Feb 17, 2017 Charlotte SCHOLTES Salle des Thèses Equipe B. Mollereau
Feb 10, 2017 Romain BERARDOZZI From fluorescent proteins photophysics to super-resolution imaging of mitotic spindle in nematodes embryos Equipe M. Delattre
Feb 03, 2017 Loredana MARTIGNETTI Pediatric cancer subtype characterization through network and multi-omics data analysis Institut Curie, Paris
Jan 27, 2017 Jérôme SALIGNON Genomics of fitness in dynamic environments AMPHI L Yvert
Jan 20, 2017 David CLUET Reducing protein aggregation in NDs : Evaluation of a new strategy to enhance Heat Shock Response Spichty
Jan 13, 2017 Pr Benoît PALANCADE Cis- and trans-acting regulations of mRNA biogenesis and their impact on genetic stability Institut Jacques Monod, Paris
Jan 06, 2017 Eléonore PERES Role of the PDZ domain-Binding Motif of Tax on T-cell Leukemogenesis in HTLV-1-Infected Humanized Mice Jalinot/Duc Dodon
Dec 16, 2016 Sébastien LEMAIRE Interplay between splicing and chromatin : investigation via DDX5-specific splicing targets Auboeuf
Dec 09, 2016 Muriel COCAIGN-BOUSQUET The multi-scale regulation of gene expression and its coordination to cell adaptation in bacteria
Dec 02, 2016 Serge BIRMAN Endogenous neuroprotective mechanisms against aging and Parkinson disease-like pathogenesis in the Drosophila model
Oct 11, 2016 Pedro DOMINGOS (ITQB, Oeiras, Portugal) ENS LYON - Site Monod* - Grande Salle de conférence CBP, LR6
Sep 16, 2016 Christelle MORRIS DESBOIS Role of INT6/EIF3E in Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Human Cells Jalinot
Sep 09, 2016 Roland LE BORGNE Linking temporal and mechanical regulations of epithelial cell cytokinesis to cell fate acquisition
Jun 17, 2016 Christophe BATTAIL & Sophie GERARD-CHANTALAT Bioinformatic pipeline framework for bioinformaticians and biologists illustrated by the analysis of open chromatin sequencing data Didier Auboeuf
Jun 10, 2016 Gaël YVERT Exploiting single-cell quantitative data to map genetic variants having probabilistic effects Yvert
Jun 10, 2016 Ulysse HERBACH Inferring gene regulatory networks from single-cell data : a mechanistic approach Gandrillon
May 20, 2016 Romaric GAUTHIER Giant’s Causeway (Gica), a new gene required for epithelial cell flattening in Drosophila melanogaster Grammond