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Sociologies post-occidentales en France et en Chine

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Jeudi 05 mar 2015


avec le Professeur Liu Neng


avec le Professeur Liu Neng

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Le Laboratoire International Associé  (LIA) “Sociologies post-occidentales en France et en Chine” organise, avec le CNRS, l'ENS Lyon, l'Académie des Sciences Sociales de Chine (Pékin), et le laboratoire Triangle (UMR 5206), une conférence et un séminaire de Sociologie avec le Professeur Liu Neng, Beijing University, Professeur invité à l’ENS de Lyon.
Conférence du 5 mars : Chinese sociology in retrospection: theoretical focal concerns and methodological debates

In this lecture, Liu Neng would like first to trace the trajectory of the reconstruction of the discipline of sociology (and partially, anthropology) in China from the late 1970s and early 1980s, up to the highly institutionalized post millennium era. Empirical areas such as developmental studies and migration, and theory-oriented interests such as social stratification and social capital, have become main threads that ultimately draw most Chinese sociologists’ attention.
Generally speaking, three main theoretical concerns warrant extra considerations:
1) a unique state-society relation that embodied in everyday life social practices;
2) the long lasting impact of the legacy of communist practices on current social landscape, and
3) the Chinese way of social change in general.
Second, three methodological debates have been discussed against the history of a general revival of Chinese social sciences in the last three decades:
1) globalization versus indigenization;
2) a policy oriented or a knowledge-production oriented academic world;
3) the so called qua1itative and quantitative competition.
A NOTER : les thèmes de cette conférence feront l'objet d'un séminaire les 12 et 20 mars, à l'ENS de Lyon, avec le professeur Liu Neng. En savoir plus


Liu Neng is currently Professor and PhD supervisor at Beijing University’s sociology department, and Deputy Director of Center for Sociological Research and Development Studies, Beijing University. He received his PhD in sociology from Beijing University in 1998. His main research interests include: social movements, urban studies, deviance and social problems, and youth studies.
His most influential academic publications include:
- AIDS, Stigma, and Social Discrimination, Chinese Sociological Review, 2006;
- Collective Actions in Changing Contemporary Chinese Society: An Overview of Three Waves of Collective Actions in the Last Three Decades”. Academia Bimestris, 2009 (4): 146-152 ;
- Perceiving Local Governmental Processes from a Social Network and a Hierarchical Perspective: A Case Study of North Town. Social Sciences Litterature Press, Beijing, 2008.
- The Strength of Alliance. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2012 ;
- with Di, Lei, “Social Interactions and Community Identity in a Heterogeneous Residential Enclave in Suburban Beijing: The Case Study of Sha Village”. Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology (Social Sciences Edition), 2014 (2): 25-29.

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