Agenda de l'ENS de Lyon

Conférence SBAC PAD

Du lun 24 sep 2018 au ven 28 sep 2018

09:00- 18:00

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SBAC­-PAD is an international symposium, started in 1987, which has continuously presented an overview of new developments, applications, and trends in parallel and distributed computing technologies. SBAC­-PAD is open for faculty members, researchers, specialists and graduate students around the world.

The symposium will be held at the École Normale Supérieure of Lyon, in France. Known as the Gastronomy Capital, Lyon is the 2nd largest economic and industrial region in France, and has become one of the favorite destinations for tourism in Europe. Lyon is also considered the most liveable city in France according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

This year, SBAC-PAD will offer four keynote speeches covering recent advances in computer architecture and high performance computing as well as details on target applications for the two top supercomputers, namely IBM's Summit and the Sunway TaihuLight system. The symposium will contain nine technical sessions with high-quality papers covering a broad spectrum of solutions on architecture, high-performance and distributed computing areas. Check the list of accepted papers.

The first edition of an exciting workshop on High Performance Machine Learning (HPML) will take place during the first day of the symposium along with the 9th edition of the Workshop on Applications for Multi-Core Architectures (WAMCA).  To close the symposium a banquet will served on a boat while it cruises along the Rhône and the Saône rivers.

Looking forward to seeing you in Lyon!




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