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Journée scientifique SFR Biosciences : Controlled experimental environments: from cells to ecosystems

mar 25 juin 2019


Domaine Saint Joseph - Ste Foy Lès Lyon
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Controlled experimental environments: from cells to ecosystems or : the challenge of controling the nature in the lab

  • To what extent the lab can mimic the natural environment of living organisms, plant, animal, microbe ?
  • How to reproduce the physiological cellular 3D/microenvironment (immune response, homeostasis, ...) of a given tissue in the lab ?
  • How to produce massive amount of proteins while ensuring their native structure ?

All these questions beg technological and scientific considerations to optimize the experimental design.

The goal of this conference is to promote exchange between scientists and to offer an opportunity to learn more of the latest technical and scientific developments carried out by the teams and platforms of the SFR BioSciences.

The organizing committee : François Leulier, Jérôme Lafont, Amandine Blanco, Olivier Reynard, Fabienne Archer, Mohammed Bendahmane

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