First ever Cybathlon: ENS Lyon is part of it!

First ever Cybathlon: ENS Lyon is part of it!

08 Saturday
Sat, 08/10/2016



Cybathlon – an international championship, held on October 8, 2016 in Switzerland, for pilots with disabilities who are using advanced assistive devices. Team “ENS de Lyon” will be competing in both the FES cycling race and the brain computer interface challenge.
For the race, the key to success lies in the team’s ability to resolve the muscle recruitment paradox, which for electrically stimulated muscles is reversed with respect to voluntarily muscle contractions.
One aspect of this work involves functional electrical stimulation (FES) of paralyzed limbs. To this end the research team is building an advanced FES tricycle (TetraTrike) that will allow tetraplegic individuals to power a tricycle with their own leg muscles. In addition to having fun, this tricycle serves as an important tool to both promote neurological recovery and provide physical strengthening and exercise to paralyzed muscles.
Vance Bergeron: the man behind the project
On Februrary 7, 2013, while riding his bicycle to work that morning, Vance was hit by a car. The accident compressed his spinal cord, which has left him tetraplegic. Two and a half years later, following a long period in the hospital with extensive rehabilitation, he returned to the laboratory with a new research effort to capitalize on his experience - Advanced Neurorehabilitation Therapies.
This is a novel multidisciplinary field that combines, neuroscience, physiology, engineering and healthcare. The objective is to improve the neuro-motor function and recovery for individuals suffering from stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson disease.
Vance Bergeron created a non-profit association to support this project : ANTS.


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