Teaching Departments


The ENS de Lyon's teaching departments work hand in hand with the school's research laboratories to offer high-level training programs leading to diversified career opportunities.

They cover a wide range of subjects, in Arts & Humanities as well as in Exact Sciences.

Arts and Literature Department

International coordinator in Literature: Fabienne DUMONTET
Email: fabienne.dumontet@ens-lyon.fr

International coordinator in Arts : Anne PELLOIS
Email: anne.pellois@ens-lyon.fr

Biology Department

International coordinator: Renaud MAHIEUX
Email: renaud.mahieux@ens-lyon.fr

Chemistry Department

International coordinator: Agilio PADUA
Email: agilio.padua@ens-lyon.fr

Computer Science Department

International coordinator: Natacha PORTIER
Email: natacha.portier@ens-lyon.fr

Earth Sciences Department

International coordinator: Razvan CARACAS 
Phone: +33 (0)4 72 72 85 15 / 86 82 
Email: razvan.caracas@ens-lyon.fr

Education and Digital humanities Department

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilizations Department

International coordinator: Marie Fabre
Email: marie.fabre@ens-lyon.fr

Humanities Department

International coordinator: Sara FRANCESCELLI
Email: sara.francescelli@ens-lyon.fr

Mathematics Department

International coordinator: Jean-Claude SIKORAV
Email : jean-claude.sikorav@ens-lyon.fr

Physics Department

International coordinator: Henning SAMTLEBEN
Email: henning.samtleben@ens-lyon.fr

Social Sciences Department

International coordinator: Nicolas RICHER
Email : nicolas.richer@ens-lyon.fr

Foreign Languages Center

International coordinator for French as a foreign language: Claire DESLAURIERS
Email: claire.deslauriers@ens-lyon.fr

Center of Documentary Engineering

The CID (Center of Documentary Engineering) is a team within the ENS de Lyon dedicated to the use of new technologies in teaching and research in literature and human sciences.

Email: formations-cid@ens-lyon.fr