Administrative and support services


Main contacts of ENS de Lyon's services.

  • President


Emmanuel Trizac
Mail: president [at] (president[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Chief of Staff


Agnès Gahigi
Mail: cabinet [at] (cabinet[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Vice-President for Studies


Emmanuelle Boulineau
Mail: vice.presidence.etudes [at] (vice[dot]presidence[dot]etudes[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Vice-Presidents for Research


Christine Détrez and François Roudier
Mail: vice.presidence.recherche [at] (vice[dot]presidence[dot]recherche[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Vice-President for International Relations
Vincent Michelot
  • Vice-President for Strategy
Stephane Parola
  • General Director of Services
Lyasid Hammoud
Mail : dgs [at] (dgs[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)


  • Admissions


Mail: admission.concours [at] (admission[dot]concours[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Academic programs

Christine Boccingher
Assistant: Delphine Ponsot
Decartes campus front desk phone: + 33 (0)4 37 37 60 00
  • Student and campus life
Emma Bessières
Mail: vie.etudiante [at] (vie[dot]etudiante[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Administration

Véronique Vial
Mail: administration.recherche [at] (administration[dot]recherche[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Projects engineering
Emilie Sablon
Mail: ingenierie.projets [at] (ingenierie[dot]projets[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Innovation and Technology transfer
Justine Chefneux-Broue
Mail: valorisation [at] (valorisation[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Director

Luc Ria
  • Administration and finance

Monique Bernizet
Mail: ife [at] (ife[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Director
Clément Pieyre
Mail: renseignements-diderot [at] (renseignements-diderot[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)


  • Financial Affairs
Audrey Verneau
Mail: affaires.financieres [at] (affaires[dot]financieres[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • International Affairs

Vincent Michelot
Mail: vincent.michelot [at] (vincent[dot]michelot[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)

  • International mobility office: international [at] (international[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • International Cooperation and Partnerships: international.strategy [at] (international[dot]strategy[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr) 
  • Communication
Aude Riom
Mail: communication [at] (communication[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Cultural Affairs
David Gauthier
Mail: culture [at] (culture[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Continuing Education
Thomas Zacher
Mail: formation.continue [at] (formation[dot]continue[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • Human Ressources
Yasmina Chams
Mail: ressources.humaines [at] (ressources[dot]humaines[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)
  • ENS éditions
Isabelle Boutoux
Mail: editions [at] (editions[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)


  • Descartes Campus

Phone: + 33 (0)4 37 37 60 00

  • Monod Campus

Phone: + 33 (0)4 72 72 80 00